The Specialty Drug Challenge: An Executive Overview
For anyone concerned with prescription drug price trends, understanding specialty drugs is the first step toward mitigating escalating costs. In this white paper, we’ll examine the specialty pharmacy problem and explore strategies for controlling escalating costs.

2017 Annual Health Care Industry Survey
For the 14th consecutive year, Strategic Benefit Advisors has conducted its annual Health Care Industry Survey which explores current practices and trends.

Proposals to Repeal and Replace ACA
The House Republican leadership has introduced two budget reconciliation proposals aimed at “repealing and replacing” key components of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). By using the reconciliation process, the Republicans hope to be able to pass the legislation with a simple majority vote in the Senate.


IRS Guidance on Impact of Opt-out Payments on ACA Affordability
The IRS has issued proposed regulations addressing how opt-out payments affect the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) affordability requirements. The ACA’s employer mandate requires applicable large employers to either offer affordable coverage or pay a penalty when employees receive a premium tax credit for coverage purchased in the ACA Marketplace. 

Health Plans and Transgender Services
Several states have issued insurance bulletins prohibiting insurance carriers from categorically excluding transgender services. In June 2015, the federal Office of Personnel Management announced that carriers participating in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program were prohibited from categorically excluding transition care. 

New Law Increasing Fees and Assessments for Massachusetts Employers
To address rapidly increasing health care costs in the MassHealth program, Governor Baker signed into law a budget-related legislation that temporarily increases an existing employer fee known as the Employer Medical Assistance Contribution (EMAC) and creates a new, temporary 5% assessment on employers.